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Hand Lettered Wedding Portfolio

Make your special day a one of a kind event with custom hand lettered invitations, accessories, gifts and more! We were lucky enough to have Colleen Katz-Pictures in Pixels Photography capture this dream wedding that we got to be a part of.


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Jimmy Fallon Had The Chance To Date Nicole Kidman And Totally Screwed Up

Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman!

Jimmy Fallon Had The Chance To Date Nicole Kidman And Totally Screwed Up.

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How to Chalk Paint Upholstery to Upcycle Painted Furniture

How to Chalk Paint Upholstery to Upcycle Painted Furniture.

Upholstery Chalk Paint

WOW! Love this idea!

What type of furniture would you like to fix up?

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Cool Running..

Wow I want a big fridge! Love these

Maison Bentley Style


 I look at this kitchen and my heart lights up.  Then I think: Where’s the fridge?


 Arrrr ok. Pure Love.  But how big actually is it? Not that I’ve developed a thing about fridges, except I have.  It’s one of the reasons we’re re-doing our kitchen..the fridge is too small.  So now I’m obsessed by them…


And it really doesn’t help when I find Companies like this – The Vintage Fridge Company, dedicated to unearthing relics of the past and smoothly integrating them into a modern-day antique heirloom, proud to take their place in any room.  I remember my Grandparent’s house in Greece having an ‘icebox’ at the back – and it worked, even in those high temperatures though milk was still a luxury and tinned carnation milk was always the order of the day – it gave the tea a unique, memorable flavour.  But that old icebox would be…

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